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I've bought a new motherboard - GA-MA770-UD3 and have installed my old discrete sound card - Creative Sound Blaster Live! 24-bit along with its drivers (and newer drivers) but it won't output any sound. Anyone know what the deal is here?


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  1. Did you disable the integrated soundcard in BIOS?
  2. You reckon it's better, it may well be. It's just I get a bit of that hiss pop noise from the integrated sound, and I also wondered if I could offload a bit from the CPU. I had disabled integrated sound (Realtek something something) in the device manager but will try bios now :) Thanks for the replies.
  3. Turning of onboard sound in BIOS didn't work. I have given up. Does anyone know if the # Realtek ALC888 codec # High Definition Audio that is onboard is better than the SoundBlaster Live!?
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    I personally wouldnt accept no hissing/crackling, luckily I dont have anything like that with my onboard audio. Anyway, Im no audiophile but in my personal opinion my old old SB Live 1024 now isnt even worthy to be lying next to my mobo and its onboard sound, although mine is ALC1200.

    Have a look here

    BTW: Are you running Vista?
  5. That's a really interesting link there, thanks very much. I'll have a play with drivers and see if I can get the noise to go away. No, I'm not running Vista - I will grab 7 when it comes out though.

  6. NP, good luck!
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