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PC Issues with a hard drive for PS3

I've been trying to upgrade my HDD on my Playstation 3 for some time now, and I've found out the following:

My model of the Playstation 3 stores portions of it's firmware both internally, and on the hard drive.

So when I go to pull out my existing hard drive and install the new one, I am running into an issue with it only installing it part way and then the system quits, because it's not finding all of the firmware it needs to install the new drive.

As a work around, I picked up EASEUS which is a bootable disk cloning utility for PC.

So I took out my computers two HDDs, and connected both the original Playstation 3 drive and the new drive that is going to replace it.

I then reboot and tell the BIOS to boot from the CD with EASEUS on it. It does, and all seems to run ok.

When I get to the menu, it does not let me clone the PS3 drive, because it is not recognizing the new drive that I'm trying to copy to. I've already done the obvious and checked the SATA data and power connections to both drives and to the MOBO.

Is there something I'm missing here?

The new HDD is a 500 GB, which is larger than I've ever used in this PC before (Could that be the source of the problem?)

The new drive is a 2.5" Seagate Momentus 5400.6 (Formatted to NTFS)

Thanks for any insight/suggestions you can provide.
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  1. Your failed PS3 upgrade may have left your hard drive in an incomplete state. Also, I'm not sure EASEUS can read NTFS formatted drives.

    Try using Nuke & Boot on the drive (not the original PS3 drive) before copying to it.
  2. You need to back up your old drive to flash and then instal the new drive. The new drive will be formatted by the ps3 on its own but you will need to delete the partitian leave it unformatted. I forget how to do exactilly but there are Tones of videos on youtube how to do it.
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    There was a post on the PS3 forums regarding 3.41.

    UPDATE: Sony has released a fix for the problem! Please redownload the firmware from the site
  4. Thanks Hawkeye22! I re-downloaded and got my PS3 up and running.
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