How to apply brightness/contrast/gamma correction in games?

Whenever I change any of the settings in the "Adjust Desktop Color Settings" tab of the nvidia control panel, the change only applies to the desktop, and does not affect 3d games. All 3d games use the default gamma/brightness/contrast settings, regardless of the control panel setting. How can I modify brightness/contrast/gamma for not only the desktop, but 3d games also?

Previously, when using windows xp, changing any of these settings would affect any application, including 3d games.

I am using windows 7 atm, but from digging around the internet, it appears that vista has this same problem.

Anyone have any insight?
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  1. I have the same problem too and it's driving me nuts!

    Windows or nvidia screwed aplication color settings.

    If you find a fix let me know!
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