New HDD for Gateway T-6836

My dog knocked my laptop off the breakfast bar (via the cord) and now the hdd is kind of clicking and the laptop can't find it. Is it just loose (I can't see an easy way to get at it to see if I can reseat it) or dead? If it is dead can anybody recomend a good and fairly inexpensive replacement? I will most likely put XP on it, since I use it for cooking and random surfing while on the couch. Thanks
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  1. So.....anything? I'm constantly telling people about how awsome the forum is here...don't let me down now guys (and girls)
  2. Hey this is you, about that lazy question you just posted last night? well I went and took the time (about 10 min) to look it up and it is quite easy, next time though how about you look it up yourself and not waste these peoples time...I think you should get this HDD don't know if your laptop has SATA 3.0 bc im too lazy to look that up for you, but at 70 bucks it seems like a good deal. You could even save all your dirty pictures on there.
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