Do I need to reapply thermal paste?

hey guys my heatsink came loose (top 2 screws) and I took it off to fix the pins. I put it back on without putting on new thermal paste. The heatsink was off for like 15 minutes. should I go buy some thermal paste and reapply it or just leave it as is?

computer is a i7 920 w/ x58. temperature is showing at 48 degrees (idle)

thanks in advance.
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  1. I would say yes but if the temperature is the same then it should be OK
  2. idle temps are normally around 40-45degrees. This varies some depending on the size and airflow of your case. also on room temperatures

    if you're in an air conditioned room (about 70degrees) - then 48 is high. Since it's summer, if you're room temps are warmer, then 48 is ok.

    All in all... since it's a $300 processor... i'd reccomend picking up some thermal grease. Either at your local shop, or ordering Arctic Silver 5 on newegg for $10bucks (gives you 5 to 7 applications for a $10 tube)

    It alone will lower your temps across the board by about 5degrees
  3. Idle is one thing. Load is another. I would be more curious what temp you'll get with a full load than idle.

    If within spec, I second simon12.

    If not, Get some compound on there asap.

  4. **be sure to clean off the old grease from the heatsink and CPU - use a Qtip with a LITTLE bit of Isopropyl alcohol on it. should use about 7-8 Qtips to clean both.
  5. Remove the heatsink, clean and reapply new thermal paste. There is no other choice. Just do it.
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