Does DG41RQ board supports core 2 quads and ddr3 Graphic cards

as title states ,i bought the intel 41rq board,still have to buy proccessor and a GC,now for a proccessor i wana make sure it supports a core 2 quad if so am getting "2.93 GHz - E7500 1066MHz/3M Core 2 Duo " and if it supports a ddr3 for GC am getting the "radeon 4670 1gb ".

any advices are welcomed
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  1. Yes, your Intel DF41RQ supports C2Q CPU's and all PCIe GPU's.
    The type of RAM on the GPU has absolutely no bearing on what the motherboard uses, it is a completely separate system.

    Also, just so you know, the E7500 is a dual core CPU, not a quad core....
    If you want a quad core, get a Q6600/Q8xxx/Q9xxx CPU.

    A further recomendation, do not waste your cash on a 1Gb 4670.
    At the resolutions it is capiable of gaming at, anything over 512Mb is overkill.
    Get the 512Mb version, save some cash and enjoy the same performance.
  2. thx for the head up man,appreciate it ,and ill be getting the 512 u have point there.

    one more question,does the board supports the ddr3 ram memory's or just ddr2??
  3. The motherboard supports DDR2 667 and 800 only.
  4. loll just read that,and was going to post the same sentence as urs,lol.
    anyways thanks for your help dude
  5. i too bought a DG41irq mobo with palit 9600 tc smart 1gb DDR3 card , what i feel is in the game NFS SHift screen goes blank while race , the card was mind blowing in my old mobo 945gcnl , was this any kind of compatibility issue ! , well in some posts i heared that bios update will fix ,

    any suggestions on this before proceeding to bios update will be appreciable
  6. dg41rq board is ok to use in core 2 quad is compatible
  7. i need ur answer
  8. Did you read the thread?
    There is your answer :pfff:
  9. inyakis said:
    dg41rq board is ok to use in core 2 quad is compatible

    Yes, it's compatible, but please don't buy an Intel-branded board. They are notorious for having unresolvable conflicts with other components, most notably RAM. You get a kind of RAM that an Intel board doesn't like, and you're sunk.

    Need to change the timings or voltage to get the system stable? Too bad -- more often than not, it'll screw up the whole system because it won't know what to do with anything other than stock settings.

    Basically, Intel makes good CPUs, but don't ever buy their motherboards ever. They belong in low-end computers for work, or in a Dell or something along those lines that needs to be slow and stable. Not in a machine you build yourself if you have any other choice. And especially not in a gaming machine.
  10. I have a Q6600 & want to OC on a dg41rq is there a solution ???
  11. Please keep your questions in one thread and do not resurrect old threads.
  12. bikerider said:
    I have a Q6600 & want to OC on a dg41rq is there a solution ???

    Nope, it's an entry level board. FSB is set based on processor and non-adjustable.
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