Lower CL with lower RAM or more RAM with higher CL

Should I prefer a lower latency with lesser amount of RAM over a higher latency higher latency values. How does it affect rendering, gaming, etc. For example should I prefer to buy a 4GB kit with CL7 or rather a 6GB kit with 9CL. Similarly should I prefer the frequency of memory over the amount of RAM, i.e., 1600MHz 4GB over 1300MHz 6GB RAM. Similarly, further combination of these three parameter, i.e., Frequency vs Latency vs Amount of RAM.

I expect that this question has already been asked and answered! If someone has the pointer to an articles where all these parameters have been evaluated please let me know.
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  1. Having 6GB is useless.
    Look at memory benchmarks. They all clearly show that any memory above 4GB is pretty much useless.


    That being said get the 4GB with better timings.
  2. thx swell9 for the link. This still does not explain whether to choose higher clocked memory or lower latency memory. Though, it can be expected that higher clock and higher latency and lower clocks and lower latencies should give similar results. However, how exactly each parameter affects the performance of the system. Whether, it is clock rate or latencies that is more important to consider while making a compromise between the two.
    So the question is again, "Should I buy a 1800MhZ CL9 RAM or a CL6 at 1600MHz".
  3. I believe I have found the exact answer to my question


    Finally I can be confident about what I am buying...
  4. I am sorry for misreading your question. I thought you were only asking about Timing vs amount... never noticed the frequency talk.
    Glad you found out the answer though :)
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