Pentium IV 2.4 GHz OCed at 2.9 GHz

HI! :) I'm new in this field (OC) and I'm looking for some advice..
Here's the system configuration on which I try the OC:

Intel Pentium 4 @ 2.4 GHz
Gigabyte GA-8IPE1000
Sirtec PSU 400W HPC-400-H12S
1 GB of RAM @ 333 MHz

Now, some concerns.. :D
I OCed the CPU to 2.9GHz and in the BIOS it shows me 46*C temp (with stock cooling (but very clean) I tried SpeedFan but it seems that it doesn't like my CPU very much..

About the RAM, now the frequency is at its maximum (400 MHz)!
Is there a safe, reliable way to know the temperatures and to test the CPU with this OC? (in Windows, everything seems fine, no crashes and stuff)

I don't know what codename model my CPU is.. (northwood or ?)

I OCed the CPU in the following way: In the BIOS, I raised the CPU Host Frequency to 160 from 133 without modifying anything else and now the CPU is at 2.9 GHz and at a temperature (as shown in BIOS) of 42-46 *C..
Well, I don't know what can I say more, so, can you help me please? :D
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  1. Nothing wrong with that at all. As long as the heat doesn't go above about 62-64C under full load after about a 10 minutes, you are in good shape.
  2. So everything is ok, the BIOS shows me the temperature in idle, no? (I've seen the article/guide on temperatures here on Tom's Hardware but I don't understand much of it.. (yes, I know, n00b.. :sarcastic: ) Anyway, I don't know how to test it in full load (a game?) and then see the temperature.. O_o
    Remember, it's on stock cooling.. :D
  3. TGX said:
    Anyway, I don't know how to test it in full load (a game?) and then see the temperature.. O_o

    Run Prime95. It will use 100% of the CPU capacity. Then you can monitor the the temperature under load.
  4. I found out the codename: Prescott
    As for Prime95, is it ok to use v25.11?
    I currently use ATiTool to overclock my video card and I can see that the CPU is at 100% usage when I run the "Find Max Core" option, can this be a replacement for Prime95 if I leave it running for about 2 hours?
    And like I said, I don't know how to see the temperature in Windows without SpeedFan.. :(
  5. You should use CPUID hardware monitor for temps:
  6. ok, I checked the temps and they're fine! :D But, now, I want to push the CPU to 3 GHz and I don't know how since I don't want to change the voltages..

    In the BIOS, I have the following:

    CPU Host Frequency(Mhz) [160]
    AGP/PCI/SRC Fixed [66/33/100]
    Memory Frequency For [Auto]*
    Memory Frequency(Mhz) [400]
    AGP/PCI/SRC Frequency(Mhz) [66/33/100]

    *I can change the Auto to 2.0 and 2.5.

    So, what can I do to make the CPU run at 3 Ghz?

    Now it's running stable at 2.9 Ghz and at a temp of 45-48 C idle and 50+ on load on stock cooling.. O_o I think that's good!
  7. I'm a little confused about the multipliers, fsb, memory frequency and ratio stuff (all I know is that my multiplier is 18 and when I change the CPU Host Frequency to 170, the Memory Frequency will be at 425!) :( I'm afraid to raise CPU Host Frequency more than that because of what it says at Memory Frequency (400, which is maximum for my RAM (pc3200 ddr400 512 mb x 2 (1 GB))! And speaking of RAM: I have 2 sticks of RAM and at startup it tells me that the memory is Single Channel (shouldn't that be Dual?)

    Thank you for all the help so far! I'm waiting with my 2.9 Ghz OCed CPU eager to get 3 Ghz! :D
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