How long and how reliable is a H50 water cooling unit from Corsair?

To skip the long story Just look at the last Sentence for my main question.

I took my grand mother to Fry's and she said for all the nice things ive done with her she would give me $100 to spend at Fry's, they didnt have anything i wanted. But i did see this Water cooler and i chose this H50

For my gift.

Now im questioning if it was even a remotely good idea. My stock Heatsink for my 1055T keeps the cpu at 37C idle and 47C Load (pretty darn good temps).

My room temperature is 75F (24C) Case temp is 80F (27C) Cpu Idle 99F (37C) Cpu Load 117F (47C).

So in theory, the ESTIMATED temps would be between 85F-90F (29C-32C) IDLE, and 95F-105F (35C-41C).

I also intend on keeping the system for 2-3 Years with a Bulldozer and GPU upgrade.

So my Questions are:
1. Is it worth installing if i rarely and mildly Overclock?
2. Warranty is for 2 years, what if it leaks and ruins my system? My PSU will be under the radiator and im sure water + 850 Watt PSU = Bye Bye gaming rig.
3. Any hints or tips?

Forgot to add that those temps are with AMDCoolNQuiet ON.

And another Question, Should i use the Stock Thermal Grease or my OCZ Freeze?
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    It's worth having if only because it should be quieter. There are better options in that category, namely the ECO C240, which has up to four fans and two 120mm radiators, but the corsair had its problems fixed in later revisions from what I'd read a few months back. Either that, or a good air cooling setup. I'd suggest the Noctua DH-14 if you're going all out or the Zalman 9900 if you want to take that one step back.
    ^^^ ECO C240
    ^^^ Noctua
    ^^^ Zalman

    As to thermal grease, I'd use AS5 which spreads well and is easy to apply. (The most overlooked factor in a selection IMHO)
    Or, I'd get some of Noctua's thermal grease which I've heard is really good.
  2. These things are notoriously hard to install. The newegg user reviews are correct... I helped a friend install one of these and it was a huge pain in the #*$#. He did get some nice overclocks though, despite the fact that he doesn't even play games or do anything intensive. I told him 10 times he didn't need liquid cooling or overclocking, but I think he just wanted ot tell people he had a liquid cooled computer. ANYWAY

    Personally, theres no reason for you to buy this - you can mildly overclock on your stock heatsink, although theres probly no reason for that either.

    why dont you just pickup a game at frys? Starcraft 2... battlefield 2?
  3. As noted above... if you do go with one of these options... be sure to get AS5 thermal grease (AS5= Arctic Silver 5)
  4. Well it was already bought, im gonna return it. Id like to have it granted but i dont like having to worry about leaks.
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