Need a recommendation on replacement motherboard


I need a recommendation on replacement motherboard that will fit in to a Sony Vaio desktop Model VGC-RB52.

The specifations listed:

It had an Intel E210882 board with 2.8Ghz cpu, The Sony part number for the OEM board is 178930631 or 1-789-306-31

I was told a different board can be hard to find that will fit, there has to be something that will fit it's an ATX. I am looking for the board and CPU combo.

Tiger Direct said they had one (B693028) but was not sure the mounts would line up. It is also a smaller board

The original board is a 9 1/4 by a 9 1/4 I think.

Any thoughts?


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  1. has a gigabyte g41 board with e5200 retail boxed cpu for $124.95 that would give you a better cpu and board. Any micro atx board should fit your sony case. The newegg combo deal is under "cpus and motherboards" subsection under cpus.
  2. Thanks for the reply.

    You don't by chance have the part number do, I was looking on there site and didn't see it.

    Are you thinking the gigabyte g41 board is better then the Biostar G31-M7 TE Motherboard / CPU Bundle.


  3. hi, i'm having the same trouble with my sony vaio vgc rb-52. if i purchase a replacement motherboard, and swap the processor and all other components, will my existing installation of windows xp work with the new motherboard?
  4. never mind. turned out to be a faulty power supply. $14 fix make me happy.
  5. you can always get the existing board repaired by these people we have had a few sony all in one and other mother boards repaired by them
  6. anything gigabite is a keeper
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