Which one will Be my first SSD?

Hello guys. I am considering buying my first SSD for booting win& installing some apps and games. Disk Size should be 80-120GB for me. As for the Drive i still cant decide.

I keep hearing good things for intel postville X-25 and Crucial C300. Are there any better options or should i just decide between those two?

BTW I read the IoDRive review from fusionIO. OMG, if this drives costed something around 1k i might consider buying them, but their price is as luxurious as their peroformance!
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  1. I have the intel x-25 and am happy. I hear that the new intel drives will hit the market soon.
  2. From another thread., I said:

    First of all, what OS are you running? And what mobo?

    Windows 7 has a feature called TRIM, that will help the drive "self optimize." This keeps the drive from "...lose performance as they age/used more,..."

    And on Intel based motherboards (X58 or P55 chipseets), the ACHI function also helps, kinda.

    My suggestion would be go with a little smaller SSD, say 60-80GB, and get another HDD for data/media. Install the OS and Program Files on the SSD, and all your "data" on the HDD. "Data" could be your libraries like My Documents, Download, Music, Pictures, Videos, etc.

    As for a SSD suggestion:

    Intel X25-M 80GB
    OCZ Vertex 2 60GB
    OCZ Agility 2 60GB

    Check the read/write perfomance of these. Yes, Intels writes are slower, but once the OS is installed, reads are what really matters.

    As for a data/meda drive:

    Samsung SpinPoint F3 1TB SATA II
    Seagate 7200.12 1TB SATA II

    Sorry I didn't give any links or prices, I don't what's out there in Canada (i.e Newegg.ca?)
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