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i Need small help.. I dont have graphics card in my pc so with which driver i can play games???
Here is my specs : Processor-Intel(R) pentium (R) D. Memory; 1GB .Microsoft Xp 32 bit...
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  1. That is not the required information for video drivers.
    Right Click on empty desktop space then click Properties, click the Settings tab and it should show in the middle <monitor name> on <video card make>.
    Question is you have a desktop or laptop, customized or generic brands ?
    You can also use GPU-Z downloadable application, to find what video card is installed. Then go to manufacturer official website and get the drivers, install.
    Make sure you got the directx drivers installed 9.0c for XP.
  2. If you have a Pentium D with onboard graphics, you will be able to play some 10 yr old games, at lower settings. Get a proper video card for $40 if you want to play games, even at low settings. A card that will run most games pretty well is abut $70, and you will also need to up your RAM to at least 2 gig.
  3. Hell with 2GB I can run Battlefield 2 Bad Company on my old 2004 PC. It should be cheap enough to upgrade. Pay attention when buying ram as to voltages your motherboard puts out for the ram slots by default. Overtasking MB on required voltages will make it unstable. You can search for ram by voltage first.
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