What is Intel's Retail Edge? Discounts?

Anyone here part of the Intel Retail Edge program? What is it? Is it true that Retail Edge members get huge discounts from Intel, in the form of purchase bundles? Honestly, that's the only reason why I'd like to sign up for the program, if that were the case.
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  1. sure in your dreams

    retails like newegg sell cpu's at cost or 1000 part cost

    retailes like tiger sell them at $10 to $30 more or barely above cost


    to sell you the rest of the parts, its called a lose leader - 1000 unit prices are posted all the time. of coarse companies like dell get them cheaper but.....
  2. What?!?!?!

    The retail edge program is where employees of stores that sell intel based computers, such as best buy, get huge discounts on intel cpus and motherboards.
  3. You probably meant "loss leader" dragonsprayer :P

    So it's not open to everyone BadTrip? You really do have to be an employee of a retailer that sells Intel products?
  4. Hey guys,

    My name is Alex and I am part of the team that brings you the Intel Retail Edge Program. The program is only open to those that work at stores that sell Intel products. There are always contests, raffles and deals going on for those involved. We have movie screening events several times a year and there are raffles in every city where there is a screening. We have a "Big Deal" that happens a couple of times a year and we are about to open up the next one featuring the Core i7 940. If you work for one of the stores that sells Intel products, head on over to retailedge.intel.com, sign up, and get in on it yourself.
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