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Hello,after much searching on the Dell support forum and here, I've determined that my hard drive on my Dell xps m1330 is failing.

I just need to replace it, we've already backed everything up onto another drive that matters. Now the question is: can I easily get one from newegg or some such place to replace it?
Its a Hard Drive,160GB,Serial Ata 9.5,5.4K,SA160

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  1. Also, I forgot to ask, what do all the specs and numbers mean, and how do I know if the drive is for a laptop or not. Is there a sticky some place with a table that spells it all out?
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    Yes, going to Newegg or somewhere else to get a new hard drive is fine. Here's a link to some hard drives to replace the failing one:

    As for the specs; 160GB would be the capacity or amount of space you have to use up; Serial ATA is the type of connection the hard drive uses; 5.4k (or 5400RPM) is how fast the spindle in the hard drive spins each minute, so faster being better; 2.5" would be the physical size of the hard drive, which is the size for a laptop hard drive.

    There's a little more to it, but that's pretty much it. If you want to know more, just let me know. Hope this helps.
  3. Have you considered using SSD to replace your HDD?
    That will be also a significant upgrade to your laptop in term of speed.
    The big downside from a SSD is the price and the capacity, but believe me, you will like the speed, and extra battery life, not to mention less heat, less noise, and less vibration.
  4. If you have Windows 7 create a drive image and a recovery disk. This will alow you to replace the drive without re-installing your operating system and applications. You should follow the instructions on the replacement of the drive on the Dell support site. Your drive is mounted on a bezel that has to be removed and the new drive has to be mounted on.
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  6. Wow! Thanks all for the help! No I am on Vista, but we can just install all that we need. I don't need super speed, as its just for work and not gaming or movies or anything. Thanks again. ;)

    But just to see (esp about battery life) would the connections and such be the same on the solid state drive?
  7. Yes, the connection/interface for an SSD is SATA, so it will fit in your XPS M1330 just fine, if you decide to go that route.
  8. ty so much!
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