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I have (actually, my wife has) an XP Dell PC. We cannot find the Repair disc which came with the PC. Instead of booting, we get the following message: "Widows could not start because the following file is either missing or is corrupted:
\Window\System|Config\System." " You can attempt to repair this file starting the Windows Setup using the original Setup ROM. Select "r" at the first screen to start repair." Great! Without that disc, I cannot do anything. I have been told that making a bootable CD can get the PC to boot, after which I might copy a good "...Config\system and replace the bad one".

So far I cannot create one. I need a valid method, not a guess.

Am hoping someone can help.

(I use an HP XP.)
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  1. Do you have the license that came with the Dell for Windows XP ?
    If yes you need to download an OEM ISO image of the XP bootable CD.
    You will also need to download all drivers for XP for that particular model DELL.
    It may sound like a pain, but once you got all that, you will have complete control over installing, uninstalling OS. Microsoft should or can help, if you need a valid SP3 copy of XP, just tell them what happened and provide the license no.. You can fix it by copying the new "good" folder, but I would do a virus/malware check on boot first. Second problem is you need to switch your windows booting to the old directory. Unless it gives you two windows versions on boot.
  2. Oh forgot, burn the ISO onto a CD and mark it. :)
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