New gaming system.. help!

well its about time for me to put together a new system. im looking to spend around 1k, and have already nailed down some items (case, hd, monitor) but i need some help in the components aspect of things. ive been out of building comps for about 6 years so im a bit behind the game. any insight or advice is welcome and needed.

heres a few ?'s.

intel or adm?
im thinking

mobo - kinda lost here, looking at

vid card -

and im needing help on a bang for your buck ram and psu.

im at around $600 right now. i know im gonna wait for sli, my case is plenty big for the upgrades, but any help would be great. thanks!
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  1. Read the guide linked in my signature.

    Don't ever order "open box" parts.
  2. thanks. some good info. any others?
  3. Yeah I wouldn't buy an open box motherboard, that's asking for trouble.

    That seems like a high price for a dual core, I'd suggest getting the Q6600 it's 7 dollars more and you should be able to overclock it easily to 3.2-3.6 on an intel chip set. Just make sure to pick up an aftermarket heatsink like the Thermalright Ultra Extreme 120 or the Noctua you can get from since you're buying your other parts there.



    Try this motherboard, similar as to the one you picked, but less expensive and doesn't have the extra features you won't need.


    This mobo is also good and 40 bucks cheaper-

    Cheaper Motherboard:

    I would suggest this gtx260, it's the newer ones, a little better performance and only 10 bucks more.


    As for RAM i'd go with this-


    Or this for a little less money


    They both should perform similar, the cheaper one actually has better speeds.

    Ends up being about $700 with the cheaper mobo/ram and about $800 with the more expensive mobo/ram.
  4. I've ordered an open box motherboard in the past and it worked beautifully, even came with everything from the retail version. If you actually research open box motherboards from newegg(as I did before ordering one) you'll pretty much find nothing but good comments.
    That said if you have $1000 to play with it really shouldn't be necessary.
  5. awesome. what chipset/cpu combo would u reccommend? ive heard going intel is probably the way to go, but i dont know if i should go with x58 for the new i7's coming out or stick with p45, any insight here?
  6. or would a 1k budget be good to go with an i7 setup? just kinda shooting int he dark as far as mobo packages go for. Im thinking a duel core over the quad, just for practicality purposes
  7. I would definitely suggest an x58 +i7 build, but your budget is a little below what I would suggest as necessary to build a proper one without skimping too much on quality.
  8. It's definitely possible to go i7 for $1000 but you might have to cut corners a bit elsewhere. The CPU would be $300, motherboard about $250 and 3 gigs of DDR3 is about $100.
    That leaves $350 for the case/PSU, video card, hard drive and burner. If you are set on a GTX 260+ I'd think you'll need to bump the budget up to $1100 or so
  9. if i wasn't going to go i7, what would you suggest? i really need to stay under 1k, i was thinking
    paired with

    (i wont be getting the open box verison though)

    also looking for what kinda ram i would need to do with this system
  10. I gave you exactly what you need above in my post.

    The 8500 for that price is not worth it. You can get the Q6600 for 10 dollars more and get a quad core that easily will overclock to 3.2-3.6 with the motherboard I suggested. The motherboard you're looking at is $288 and is not worth it since you're buying older technology, you could buy an x58 for that price.
  11. thanks.

    wouldn't i want to go with a better chipset than the x38 for crossfire purposes?
  12. like x48 or x58? or is there not that huge of a deficit
  13. You're buying a gtx260, you can't crossfire anyways. If you want to SLI two gtx260's you'd have to buy a nvidia chipset, or an x58.
  14. alright, thanks. eventually i'd want to SLI, so what x58 board would you suggest?

    and im really in the dark about ram, was thinking

    maybe 2 orders of that, 8gb total, idk though. thoughts?
  15. Unless you're doing video editing or photoshop you won't need 8gigs of ram, but to each their own. I would suggest the EVGA x58 or the Asus P6t Deluxe x58.
  16. great. thanks for all the help, its much appreciated. ive got my rig all set and ready to order!
  17. May I ask what you decided on?
  18. one more question, are the x58 boards the only ones that are SLI ready for the gtx 260's?
  19. x58 uses triple channel DDR3 memory, DDR2 will not work.

    On your budget, I would say go with GIGABYTE GA-EP45-UD3P and Q6600. You will have to cut too many corners to fit an i7 in your budget and it will severely limit your upgrade options in the future. Then change the Graphics card to SAPPHIRE Radeon HD 4870 1GB which you could xfire later on that motherboard.
  20. Yeah you can't use any of the stuff that you've posted with an X58 board, so hopefully you aren't going with one.
  21. nah, decided against it. I think I'll probably stick with the sapphire that was posted above
  22. that gigabyte board looks pretty solid too - owned one in the past that served me pretty well. coupling that with the corsair ram - good idea or bad? after i determine this i'll list all the things im getting for further scrutiny
  23. Should work fine, it's a little less quality than the Asus and only has x16 x8 when you run crossfire, but that doesn't matter much in terms of real world performance.
  24. with that board - best bang for your buck ati gfx card?
  25. What size monitor/resolution are you going to be using?
  26. 4870 512mb
    4870 1gb

    Either will be more than enough for that monitor, the 1gb version will allow you to turn up anti-aliasing at max resolution a little more than the other version.
  27. You'd want an H4870 1 gig version for gaming on that at its native resolution.
  28. Looks good.
  29. Get this card instead, Same thing, but cheaper and free shipping.
  30. Didn't see that one strangely enough, definitely get that one.
  31. got it, thanks for all your help guys. it's much appreciated and i'll let u know some benchmarks when i get everything set up.
  32. xthekidx said:
    Get this card instead, Same thing, but cheaper and free shipping.

    Depends on how you look at it. The cooling solution appears to be similar, but Sapphire does not label those as vapor-X, and the heatpipes are not copper, or perhaps plated.

    You also get more software with the toxic versions.

    I would say it's a toss-up, so would depend on how much money you have to spend. Don't get the toxic version for the overclocking, as that makes little actual difference.
  33. true, i spose if im looking for OCing later on, i could always switch in my old watercooling unit and buy new blocks, its just a matter of time and money.
  34. With free shipping and the rebate, the stock version is better. The toxic would end up costing $50 more, which is not worth it for some software, most of which you could download online I'm sure, and a very mild overclock. The difference in the clock would probably cancel the difference in the copper heat pipes and get you similar temps, with very minimal performance boost.
  35. i'm pretty happy with the whole setup. costs me 0 (yes 0!) shipping from newegg, pretty legit deal.
  36. impressive.
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