Are there still driver issues with the ATI 4870?

Now, I don't even really know what these "driver issues" are. But I'm looking to buy a Sapphire 4870, and some of the newegg reviews mentioned driver issues. I also understand that there are some fan issues, too, where it might not kick in properly or like it should. Can anyone clarify what the issues are/were for this series card?
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  1. I have two sapphire cards in crossfire with no driver issues or fan issues. I can control fan speed in the CCC for both cards.
  2. if you let the fan go automatic, is it finnicky or problematic? Do you just set it manually to a fan speed? Or do you keep it at auto?

    I game maybe once every week or two, so I care more about noise levels. I'm curious if auto will keep the noise down or if I'll have to manually play with it
  3. I used auto for awhile never had any problems, but I prefer to control them manually. The CCC will set the fans to 50% manual when its installed, I usually just make profiles with the fan speeds set for things like gaming, normal surfing, and overclocks. I.e. 30% for surfing, 45% for gaming and 55% for overclocking the cards
  4. how quiet are the fans at 30%? Can you get temp readings through CCC? Like if I keep the fans at 45% for gaming, I'd like to see where the temps are at to make sure I'm not overheating the card.

    What's the acceptable temp range for this series card anyways? I think I read somewhere that the components are rated max 125 C... not that I'd want my card running anywhere near that hot.
  5. 30% is very quiet, cant hear fans over my system fans. You can see temps in overdrive sec of CCC and it has a yellow to red temp gauge. My temps are like 56c-58c at idle ( 32% or 40% fan speeds) and 65c-70c with 45% fans gaming, with 55% it says in the 59c-63c ish.

    I'm not sure what the acceptable range is but I usually try to say under 80c.
  6. I can only speak for the Powercolor PCS+ 1gb card. I have tried the 8.10 - 9.2 CATs. 9.2s worked fine but I had to underclock the card's core and memory speeds. I think the memory is the main culprit however. Anything over 900mhz gave me trouble.
  7. Likewise I can only speak for Powercolor 4870x2 but In terms of heat it's ok. Out of the box it got to 90C on load (this was on 8.9 drivers before manual fanspeed was available). I installed rivatuner and set the perameters and now It idles at 57C with the fan at 37% is inaudible - case fans are much louder (Antec 1200). On load It stays around 60C but this is because the the fan is programmed to go up to 100% which is loud as a Mo********er!! I'm waiting until Arctic Cooling releases an aftermarket heatsink which takes temps idle to 30 and load 45, but that's only because i want to overclock.
    You should get the 4870, It's a very good card and easily the best in its class. Although you hear about driver issues, you don't hear from the 90% of ppl who are happy. That said, Nvidia is probably a bit better for drivers at the moment but that could easily change.
    You should try it on normal cooling which will probably be fine for you unless you want it overclocked. Heatsinks for the 4870 are seriously common and about £20
  8. I am running a Sapphire 4870 1GB. I have 9.2 version drivers installed with no problems at all. I game a lot and the card never goes mush higher than 60-65 with the fan only increasing in speed in short burst on rare occasions.

    So temps are fine, drivers are fine, noise is fine. To be honest I couldn't be happier with this card..... Granted I haven't played some games that have been said to struggle with the drivers such as FEAR 2!
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