I need the fastest SATA HDD (VelociRaptor VS Kingston SSD)

I need THE FASTEST HDD for my server, but it has to be SATA (I don't think I can afford SCSI).

What should I choose? Currently I'm thinking at Kingston SSD 30GB, SATA, 2.5'', V-Series vs Western Digital VelociRaptor 150GB, 16MB, SATA2. Any sugestions?

I need at most 30GB disk space for my server, but it will require partially-intensive read/writes (a database of 5GB + files of 4GB), more reads, fewer writes (for the DB only)
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  1. * not-to-many read/writes (can't edit my post)
  2. vs Corsair Extreme
  3. SSD is fastest hands down.
  4. I have seen tests which indicate that in terms of Real World Computing the SSD offers very little advantage over the Velicoraptor. The Raptor offers a much greater capacity for the price. I wold not bother with an SSD unless it was for a Laptop where you will see real advantages.
  5. ^ -1 - Please provide link.

    PC Vantage benchmark comes close to real world. and even the "Budget" SSD prety much trounces the Velcoraptor
    From Conclusion. Quote
    Given these findings, I can’t imagine ever again having a hard disk-based boot drive. With prices now affordable and even the lowest-performing drives trouncing HDDs in the functions many people value so highly
    End quote.

    The 2 important factors: Acess time SSD = 0.1->0.2 mSec, Velico - 7.2 mSec (SSD 72 times faster)
    4 K random read/writes SSD much faster.
    AW, the Velico wins in sequential writes (Only catagory) - But this was an OLD review, The New generation of SSDs using the SF controller even takes this win away.
  6. I found Kingston SSD 64GB V-Series V+ at a very good price and it beats VelociRaptor (~same price) from what I read: Read up to 230MB/s, write up to 180MB/s.
  7. The JMicron controllers on the Kingston drives are unreliable. Check to see if they are Indillix or Sandforce controllers, and MLC drives.

    Try OCZ Vertex 2, OCZ Agility 2, or Intel X25-M.
  8. can u get a hdsl ssd?
  9. you can get a revodrive x2
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