Any chance of unlocking turbo boost on a core i3?

What are the chances of being able to do this?

Also, do the i3s overclock well?
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  1. i3s overclock better than anything but there is nothing to unlock.
  2. If you are still running the stock cooler then you should be able to hit about 3.5ghz with stock voltage. That is what I did before I bought a Hyper 212 plus.
  3. None of the Core i3 processors support Turbo Boost which is what differentiates it from the Core i5 600 series (apart from GPU speeds for the Core i5 661) - otherwise they have the same cache and architecture.

    You can get around 3.6 GHz on the stock cooler, easily 4.0 GHz + with a decent aftermarket one.
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