Nvidia 8800gt 512mb XP 64 bit driver

I am using graphics card named "Nvidia 8800 GT, 512mb" and operating system is "XP 64bit edition"

When I install any of the drivers for my graphics card, system just doesnt boot up. It freezes at windows loading screen.

When I open with safe mode and delete the graphics driver, system boots up as usual, without problems... I've tried many drivers but couldnt realy understand whats wrong with it...

The "only" working version of driver is "169.02" but then, some of games doesnt work at all, due to old version of driver...

Can you advice me what is the problem? why i cant install latest drivers?
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  1. or better... advice me a version of driver which works with windows xp64 bit ?... yes my all other drivers are latest update.
  2. Issue could be with the card, the 8800 series has horrible reliability.

    The latest drivers from nVidia for the OS should work fine.

    You can try to do a re-installation of Windows and starting fresh.
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