Graphic Card & Screen Issue

Hi there,

My data computer has been gone crazy about 1-2 week ago. I don't install much thing because I'm using it for datas or watching video.

Graphic Card: GeForce MX400

I install Ad-Aware two weeks ago and scan with it. It found divx.dll as a suspicous file and I deleted it. After that my computer has been gone crazy! The screen has started off-on, off-on position like a lamb or S.O.S. So I formatted my computer.

Everything is fine now. But one more thing. I wanted to install my graphic card's driver so I did it. But the same thing happened again. So I uninstall the drivers and everything is fine again.

But what is my problem I don't know? I use this computer about 1-2 years. It doesn't do a thing like that. The screen goes and the screen comes again while the screen goes my computer freeze also. My issue about with my monitor or my graphic card? and how can I install my drivers?

Please help..
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  1. Does your mother board have onboard graphics can try that to see if it is your graphic card.

    try an holder or newer graphic card driver.

    Check its not a heat problem.

    Re seat cpu and memory

    Check memory modules

    Software conflict.
  2. I'm really sure Divx is a video player...although I'm not an expert and sure don't have a clue about DLL
  3. No my board not has a onboard graphic card. Heat problem maybe but in my case I have two fans. I reseated Memory but not CPU because of I'm not confinent for this. I'm good now but I can't install my graphic cards driver.. But why??
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