Overclock phenom x2 555 on an Asus m4a785td

Hello all, need some help overclocking. I have not done this since 1999 intel celeron 333 to 550 or so, when it was just a matter of bumping up my FSB...

Ok So I have a phenom x2 555 black and was able to enable acc and open 4 cores. After my os is up my gts 8800 goes red, I lose my green and blue bands? My assumption is the gpu may need a voltage adjustment not sure?

Second, if I can get past this problem I read that many people have a lot of luck over clocking this set up, I'd like to try it. where can a person get started, this is a common setup right? Would like to see some bois shots. I read that some clocked the gpu to 1000 where it was normally a 500 and some saying a multiplier of 19 on the cpu.
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  1. I just changed the value from 2% to 8% and that fixed the red issue, what does that do?

    --(Ok I found the edit button)--

    So maybe I was wonrg? After another reboot its back to red?
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