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Hello kind persons.
About 3-4 months ago, I have bought an 80GB Intel Postville X25-M G2 SSD for my PC.
Now I want another one for my Laptop.
Actually I am thinking of putting my old Intel to the laptop and get a new one for my PC.
Since yesterday I have been strolling from one internet shop to another...WOW...many new SSD are already there....I don't know anymore which one is good...
but I assume the new ones are faster than the old ones.
The Chart on Tomshardware is way out-of-date...

I need something fast but also reliable, about 50-80GB and under €200 (I think €200 is about around US$250-270).
Can you recommend me 1 or 2 SSDs to narrow down the selection?...
OCZ Vertex 2, Agility 2, Crucial C300, Corsair F60, G.Skill Phoenix, Kingston V+, and many more...even WD has now SSDs....
I am totally confused here...
Thanks in advance.
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  1. OK...after some research I have narrowed down to some options..
    Here it goes :
    Corsair F60 60GB
    OCZ Vertex 2 64GB
    OCZ Agility 2 64GB
    Crucial C300 64GB
    G.Skill Phoenix 60GB
    From this point, I am relying 100% of your opinion.
    Which one should I get?
  2. OCZ Vertex 2, but not from experience. Just heard alot of good things, like from RetiredCheif.

  3. These are my two 50gb Vertex LE's in Raid0

    I would definitely grab the Vertex 2s as they are even faster than the LEs for a slighty higher price point.

    PLUS their support forum is amazing with loads of information and active community members.

    my 2 cents ;)
  4. Well I have also taken a look at Crucial C300, it has faster reading speed than OCZ Vertex 2, but the writing speed of a C300 is just horrible.
    I know reading is more important but I just can't ignore writing.
    It seems OCZ Vertes 2 is the correct choice.

    Thanks very much guys.
    I will order an OCZ Vertex 2 tonight, but not planing on RAIDing,
    No money for the second SSD ^o^
  5. I see 2 OCZ Vertex 2 with about the same price.
    The one has only 50GB and the other one has 60GB (Extended)
    Well, I need at least 60GB, so I will get the 60GB.
  6. Votex-2 = good choice. (Foscooter - thanks for the plug) Do not have, but benchies look good and have not seen any negative comments. Currently have Intel G1, Intel G2, Patriot Torqx and WD Blue (Have not used the WD yet).
    Here's a good review. Compares Intel G2, Vortex-2 and C300 (C300 - Using Sata6 & Sata3)

    Added - the 50 and 60 gig are the same, just that the 50 has more "reserved space" But I seem to remember an articale which indicated that under normal use - not really an issue - so go for the 60 gig
  7. The reserved space is over provisioning to help sustain the drives longevity and keep performance.

    So yes 60 gig is a good idea and you can manually just create an unallocated partition on the drive to simulate the "firmware over provisioning"
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