EVGA Step-up dilemma going from GTX 260 to..???

So it's almost about that 90-days since I built my rig.

Core i7 920 o/c'd 3.8 stable
6GB DDR3 G.skill triple channel @ 1600
Evga X58 Motherboard
1 x 74 gig raptor
RAID-0 2 x 320 Barracuda for games
Evga GTX 260 core 216 SC edition.
Corsair HX1000 P/S

Originally I had a 1440x900 screen and everything ran fine, but I was planning to upgrade anyhow after the 90-days

I eventually got an LG 24" 1920x1200 screen and now the video card chokes a bit (or a lot sometimes) on high end settings for some of the newer games.

My original plan was to just upgrade to the 295, pay the $240 difference I'd be dishing out and that's it. Didn't even second thought it. All happy and well probably maxing out games without a hitch.

Now im thinking about it...instead I could pay a difference of $100 and upgrade to the GTX 285 instead, and eventually throw another one in for SLI when my games REALLY start to lag. But I still don't think I'd be able to play a game like Crysis on the settings i'd want until I got a second 285 =(

I could do the same with the 295 and add another in later on, but I see two problems with that. 1) support for quad sli very slim and not too sure of future support. and 2) I doubt my Corsair 1000w would be able to handle it (not even certified on the slizone website for this config).

I payed for a board that has 3-way SLI and thought I would like to get at least some use out of the SLI features I payed for. Regardless of which route I go, I plan on adding in a card just for physx.

note: On most the reviews I looked up regarding 295 vs 280x2-sli... There was probably a 5-15 frame difference in most the games on average i believe. So the 2x285 would probably pull ahead even further, which might make it worth it.

So.. My question is.. what would YOU do in this situation? Upgrade to the 285, or 295? What's your side of the story, and why would you do either or...
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  1. snoopy3525 with that build I would go with another Evga GTX 260 core 216 SC edition.

    that said the sturdiness or coke shouldn't be happening with your current build I don't believe. with the build I have I don't get sturdiness or choking with games like fear2 farcry2 @ 1680 x 1024.

    you may have something else causing your problems in games @ 1920 X 1200.
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