After using eSATA, trouble with IDE drive detection

hi community
please help here...

* problem *
i face trouble with IDE drive detection, it suddenly disappear!

* specification *
i am using GIGABYTE P965-DS3 BIOS 14d(latest as for now)
jmicron driver at url

* how does this trouble occur *
before this trouble happen, it was good running for 1.5years.
until i buy new eSATA casing url
my mobo just can't detect this casing if i plug it eSATA, no problem with usb.
well, i do some google search and i learn to activate my OnBoard SATA port(purple color) to AHCI mode.
later, it could detect but is not hotswap, it only detect upon bootup and non removable.
after googling more, i learn that i should update my jmicron's driver to the latest.
until here, my eSATA casing works like charm, detect anytime and remove hardware safely anytime.
ok, the trouble is, my mobo din see all my IDE disk... omg!! help!!

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  1. Wait wait, I don't get it... after you updated your jmicron driver, everything worked properly? Or not? I'm confused :(
  2. after update jmicron driver, eSATA can work.
    but it cause my IDE disk missing in my device manage.
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