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I have no power cable for Noontec Sunlite. Noontec site is no good as I can get no information. The HDD enclosure has only a plug that appears to be 5 pin and has "DC In" written below. So I dont know what volts and milliamps it even needs. Any information on this enclosure or how to get my hands on a power cord that will work would be appreciated.

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  1. It might be cheaper (and safer) to just get a new enclosure. Approx $25
    On the left side you will see type of internal interface, select IDE, or sata.

    3 1/2 in HDDs normally require +12 V and + 5 V. Most newer enclosure pwr pacs provide 12 V @ up to 2 Amps (24 Watts - most drives at or under 10 W) and the +5 is derived from the +12V. The unk here is does the required pwr adaptor suppy just +12 V, or both +12 V and +5V I have (or had) some power pacs that provided both. If you have the knowledge, you could open it up and check how it is wired. ie +12V and +5 V returns (Ground) would be tied together and the positive sides would go to 2 seperate circuits.
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    For not much more than the price of a power supply you can probably pick up a whole new enclosure.

    I have 2 external drives, and they both run at 12V, 5V, 1.5A. You can get a switchable power supply from RadioShack that can be adjusted, but those are about $25, about what a whole new enclosure would be.
  3. Thanks everyone, I will be searching and buying a new HDD enclosure.

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