Geforce 9500 GT Sli PSU Coolmaster 650W enough

Hi I am building a unit with EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW Motherboard, 8gig G.SKILL DDR3 PC 10666, Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300, 2.50GHz, Quad Core processor and Geforce 9500GT SLi.. Will my old eXtreme Power 650W PSU be enough ??
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  1. Yes.. that would be enough..
    You have configured a better system... so, why don't you get a little more better GPU like 9800GTX+ or higher...
  2. Cheers, I will go for a better GPU but $$ are short on at the moment, so I have to go with my old cards for now .

    Cheers again.
  3. I'm off topic here but I have to ask ...... Why would you want to sli two horribly performing cards like the 9500gt ? If you got them for free then ok but if you actually went out and bought two of them to do sli well I can only say you haven't done your homework. You would be better off with a single 9800gtx or 4850. Sli or crossfire only benefits with mid to high end cards. Don't expect the performance from 2 9500gt in sli to be anything but abysmal. The 9500gt is a rebranded 8600gt which was already an under performer at launch.
  4. Now I'm only running the 9500's until I can afford better cards they are 1GIG cards but I understand what your saying..
    So If I get two 9800gtx and Sli them, will the PSU Coolmaster eXtreme Power 650W cover the power needs with my set up ??
  5. It'll be better to get a single 9800GTX+ for the price of two 9500GT.
    Note: I mention 9800GTX+. Not the 9800GTX version.

    CoolerMaster eXtreme Power 650W would be enough for that.
  6. To the op, you might even be better off getting a single 9800gt or something in that range than the sli'd 9500's.
  7. In my personal opinion I will go for
    780i or 750i
    Q9550 or Q6600 ooooc jojo

    and spend the money on GTX 200 series

    Regards :p
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