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is it worth my while to upgrade from a 5770 to gtx 460? and do they basicly perform the same?
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  1. The GTX460 is faster. No clue if its worth it if we have no info about the rest of your system including games you play and resolution you play at.
  2. jordan009 said:
    is it worth my while to upgrade from a 5770 to gtx 460? and do they basicly perform the same?

    The 460 is a slightly more powerful card but uses more power.It depends on your build and the rest of your specs and what you mainly use your computer for.
  3. gaming at medium settings some at high
  4. Not even worth it in my opinion. The 5770 is a really good card, just use MSI Afterburner and OC the Core Clock and Mem Clock and your good to go. The 5770 is also relativly new so there is no need to upgrade. If you say you were going to upgrade to something like the 5850 or 5870 which would be a much larger improvement sure. But as of now, you don't need to since the performance gap is so small, sorta. Also, as a side note a good OC on my 5850 gave me a 2000 point increase of graphical performance on 3DMark Vantage, so you really don't need to spend 200 more dollars. Instead if you have the money, buy another 5770. You'll save cash and the Crossfire performance is equivelent to that of a 5870, therefore in theory it is able to run almost any game in Highest of the high. My 5850 oc'd runs practically all games on Highest, except a bit laggy with anything more than 4x AA.

    Just buy another 5770 the scaling from one to two 5770's is AWESOME!,2.html

    As you can see pretty much the equivocal of a 5870.
  5. If your board supports crossfire them 2 x 5770s is a no brainer if not I don't think any upgrade is great for the price as anything thats more than just a bit better costs alot and it could even be cheaper to get a new MB and a second 5770. The GTX 460 is good but as an upgrade from a 5770 I would only consider it if you are desperate for just a bit more.
  6. k so how do you do crossfire? do you just have CCC and video display drivers and put in another 5770? or do you have to download specific software
  7. Well you currently have one 5770 right? So you buy another one, then you'll have two crossfire bridges. Since one usually comes with each card, and then you link em together with the crossfire bridge.

    Read it.

    Oh when you buy the other 5770, usually you should buy the same card. Otherwise get the card with the same memory and core clock otherwise you won't be at optimal performance.
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