What DVI card drives an Apple 30" Cinema display under Vista?

Looking for a graphics card for my 64-bit Vista Ultimate machine that will support as much of the resolution of an Apple 30" Cinema display as possible, and will ideally drive 2 of these monitors.

This is for heavy writing/coding. I like lots of windows open. I won't be playing games or doing anything graphics intensive. I just want to get as much out of the Cinema's high resolution as I can.

I am looking for people who actually run 64-bit Vista with 30" Apple Cinema displays. Right now Windows sees it as a generic PnP display with no more than 1280x800 resolution, and I can't even get Aero to work. Nor can I find any drivers that support the Intel G35 spec, hence my interest in a real graphics card.

Windows Vista Ultimate
Intel Core 2 E8400, 3Ghz
8 GB Ram
Intel G35 Express chipset
30" Apple Cinema display (plus another one when I get the right video card)

Currently evaluating:
Radeon 3650

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  1. Any graphics card with a pair of dual link DVI connections should run it.
  2. what cjl said

    for exampe


    would be a good choice

    if the cinema displays have their own dvi cables then you are good to go with the card above if not will need to also get DUAL LINK DVI cables to run at the screen's native res of 2560x1600

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