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Hello , i have just set up a pc .. i bought hardware seperately and set up the pc my self . Now when i switch the pc on i get a screen with the menu :
Press F2 to enter Set Up .
Press F11 to enter Boot Menu .

When i try to click F2 or F11 , it's as if my keyboard is not working :S
I tested my keyboard with my Pentium 4 Pc , it works like a charm .
Now when i switch my pc on and if i constantly presses F2 , The Set Up screen Appears and then it tell me to Press F11 to enter Boot Menu . When i try to press F11 , my keyboard is likely not responding to the keypress .
So the issue is not with my keyboard . Thats for sure.. can anyone help me where i have gone wrong ? May be when i have set up my pc , i did something wrong ?
The motherboard is Asrock 4core1600P35
The keyboard is A4tech
The Processor is a Quad Core .

Thanks for helping me in advance .
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  1. Get into setup, and add support for USB devices (select it as enabled) it is auto set to disabled. There is a similar issue with the G15 keyboard and OS installs (the entire reason I bought a cheapo logitech PS2 keyboard). If you are trying to boot from a CD you can also set that as the primary boot device within the BIOS.
  2. Thanks for you answer but this is not the solution . I can't configure anything from the Bios Settings .Keyboard is not working at all on BioS. And also the keyboard is PS2 . Not USB . I am typing with this keyboard to send this message . So my Keyboard is still in good health :) So the problem is something else .. Anyone one else with a solution ?
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