New CD Drive: External or Internal?

My desktop's CD Drive is getting bad. Pressing the eject button doesn't make it eject. Worse, using a pin to force eject it also doesn't work sometimes. Only once in a while, it can eject normally, but even I can insert some discs in, it refuses to read some CDs as well. I don't really use CDs nowadays, because I got external Hard-disc for backup. However, when it comes to installing new games from CD *cough* *cough*, it becomes very problematic.

Now, the thing is this: I never install a CD Driver into the desktop myself, but my guess is that it needs power line and data line. Just a wild guess.

What about the external DVD Drive? Would an external USB-powered DVD Reader be a better choice? Or should I just get the cheaper internal CD drive and try installing it to save some budgets?
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    Internal is cheaper, faster, and less likely to get kicked probably.

    Find out what type your old one is (IDE? SATA?) - get another one with that interface, and plug it in. It's pretty easy, they even come with directions. Make sure the one you buy is compatible with your OS.
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