Computer won't start after installing PSU

Hello eveyone,

I'm new to this forum to this tread might have been misplaced, if so please remove it to a more matching room.

I just got this home today: ANTEC TRUEPOWER TRIO NÄTDEL ATX12V 2.0 550W together with this GPU:
Sapphire RADEON HD 4870 PCI Express 2.0 x16 - 1 GB GDDR5

I'm running this motherboard:

I replaced the newly bought hardware with my previous hardware, when I tried to turn the computer on, it wouldn't start... The power buttom just flashed for a spilt of a second, when it turned off again.
I then tried to replace the new hardware with my old hardware.
My old hardware which worked fine this morning, before applying the new hardware parts.
The old hardware didn't work either.

I then tried to remove the motherboard battery and reattach it again, and tried to press the power buttom again. This time, after removing and reattaching the battery, the power buttom kept flashing, and I couldn't turn it off without removing the power directly from the PSU.
I've checked over and over again to see if I've forgotten to connect some cables to the motherboard, which I haven't.

Has my motherboard been burned off?
Can someone aid me towards this problem?

Best regards,
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  1. This may seem dumb, but did you make sure that both the power plugs are plugged into the video card?

    Also, even though you mentioned you've checked the cables, try making sure that:
    The main power connector is firmly and correctly seated in the 20(or 24) pin slot.
    The extra p4 connector is connected (its a 2x2 connector, 4 pins total)
    Video card is plugged in ( has 2 2x3 (6 pins total) standard PCIe power connectors)
    The CPU fan is connected to the motherboard slot (I think its a 4 pin smallish connector, little smaller than a floppy drive power connector)
    The floppy drive (if you have one) is properly connected. Sometimes they will accept the power connector upside down, which would totally make your rig do what you are talking about.

    If all of the above are 100% good, next step would be to eliminate all but the essentials- unplug CD/DVD drive, hard drives, USB. Video power is still needed unless you put the old card back.
  2. Problem has been solved... And yes it's rather stupid..
    It turned out that the connection between the power buttom cables and the mainboard weren't connectet properly.
    But I can enjoy my new card now, so I'm happy. :)
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