AMD Phenom II X6 1090T vs Intel Core i7 875k

I have 2 Asus motherboards, and I'm thinking

1) Keep the AMD motherboard. Asus IV Crosshair IV Formula, and buy the 1090T
2) Keep the Intel motherboard, Asus P7P55D, and buy the Intel Core i7 875k
3) keep both motherboards, assemble 2 computers

These are my needs
1) Adobe Premiere CS5. I love CUDA and the Nvidia GTX 460.
2) Computer use in general. The faster the CPU, the better. I do use WinRar, 7-Zip on a daily basis. Plus I also like to convert videos from MKV to MP4. I am talking about 4-5 GB videos that I buy (download) from the internet :)
3) Gaming. Nvidia SLI will be nice with Nvidia GTX 460 and the 60" TV that's in the living room. I really like PhysX in game as Batman and Mafia II. Playing Batman with 3D vision, SLI and a 60" DLP will be second to none :)

So, my questions are

1) Is the 6 core MUCH better than the 4 core in Adobe Premiere CS5 and Video editing/converting/upscaling applications?
2) Which processor will you guys choose? I know the 1090T is pretty good for video editing/converting, and that the 875k is pretty good for gaming, delivers more FPS than the 1090T (but again, the 1090T can be overclocked to 4.4 Ghz, something that the 875k can't do). So will there be a difference?

So, I was thinking in selling the Asus Crossfire IV Formula because quite honestly without support for SLI my gaming will be pretty much done with one card.

Unfortunately the GTX 480 and the GTX 470 are expensive, produce A LOT of heat, and it's more economical to buy 2 GTX 460 and put those babies in SLI.

the GTX 460 is the first graphic card designed by Nvidia that FINALLY has the temperature under control.

So, I was thinking buying the Intel Core i7 875k first, and have that computer for ever day use

And then, I was thinking buying the AMD Phenom II X6 1090T CPU, and use that computer as a backup computer.

My poor ma still believes in Pentium so I am kind of hoping she can finally accept new technology in her room.

It's funny but she still says "My old computer still works GREAT!"

For example, right now, I sold my AMD 1055T processor, and I am using this computer as a backup

It's pretty much a piece of crap, I can barely watch a Youtube video at 3 FPS, it's a waste of space, old technology, I want to get rid of

So, thanks for reading everybody.
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  1. I'm very confused; why you sell your 1050t to buy a 1090t and decide to overclock your 1090t when you could have done it by overclocking your 1050t in the first place. :pt1cable: They're basically the same chip but locked with different frequency. Whatever speed that the 1090t overclocked to, 1050t can be overclocked to similar speed. Get the i7 920 if you can, beat the 1090t in almost every categories.
  2. ''1) Is the 6 core MUCH better than the 4 core in Adobe Premiere CS5 and Video editing/converting/upscaling applications?''

    Yup.. but the i7 920 is

    ''2) Which processor will you guys choose? I know the 1090T is pretty good for video editing/converting, and that the 875k is pretty good for gaming, delivers more FPS than the 1090T (but again, the 1090T can be overclocked to 4.4 Ghz, something that the 875k can't do). So will there be a difference?''

    1055 < i7 920 < 1090T < i7 k 875.. Coincidentally, also the order in which they are priced...
  3. hi rafarataneneces,

    i just happen to be going the other direction. i am building a high end system. i purchased the intel i7 875k. i have not yet purchased the asus maximus iii extreme motherboard to go with it. i will be pleased to work a deal with you for your asus crosshair iv formula motherboard for my intel i7 875k.

    let me tell you why. both cpu's have strengths and weaknesses. intel can crunch numbers, overclock, outperform the 1090t on most all gaming applications, and all around beat the 1090t in general benchmark tests. one area that is not tested is what i need from the 1090t. i need throughput from my ATA 6Gbs/3Gbs/usb 3 devices. the bandwidth for those presently comes from the pci-e architecture to the cpu. amd has native architecture that supports full pci- e 2.0 4.8/5gbs per lane. "All AMD 700 and 800 chipsets (both northbridge and southbridge) fully support PCI Express 2.0, while Intel’s PCIe 2.0 support is limited to the northbridge/processor-based interface (the company continues claiming PCIe 2.0 support on platforms like P55, despite the 2.5 Gb/s limitation). This is why it's unlikely you'll encounter bandwidth bottlenecks on AMD platforms." this statement is from tom's hardware report "Bottlenecks And Solutions For USB 3.0 And SATA 6Gb/s" link here,2583-2.html

    i use data base applications to access data which is read/write intensive. the speed i can retrieve and store the data is important to me. i have raid arrays that i look forward to upgrading to ata 3.0 at 6gbs. after researching, i learn there are different architectures to accomplish this. the best way is native control within the cpu which does the addressing to the device directly. only amd does this now. i can find no information intel plans to take this responsibility on in their cpu's. they rather leave support for these standards to the mobo manufactures.

    keep in mind later this year the new pci 3.0 standard will hit store shelves. if not late this year it will be 1st quarter next year. yea!! with ata 3 and usb 3 both using the pci bus for bandwidth this will further realize increased speeds. here are links to the pci sig group that develops pci standards and the ATA group that develops the ATA standards http://www. the most current info can be found here for all and any questions involving ata or pci questions.

    i don't need high speed processing, gaming, overclocking, etc. nor am i interested in the bechmark hoopla. i need the fastest access to/from my data without bottlenecks. and when additional technology is developed that allows me to do my work faster i want to invest in that technology too.

    right now i have a brand new intel i7 875k i would like to sell to a gamer or somebody who is looking for that type of power and speed. do you know anyone?? have them give me a call. we might be able to help each other out, ok? btw, there are many good reviews that rave about the intel i7 875k kicking ass. i didn't find any that said a word about the most important thing to me.... how my sata 6Gbs could be faster... until i read tom's hardware review about bottlenecks today... need a i7 875k??? anymore???

    bigeasyone... hope this helps
  4. Hey
    I read that article,2583-2.html

    I understood 0%
    I was tired, sleepy, and it made no sense
    funny you brought it up

    Why in the world USB and SATA use PCI Express as their bandwidth lane?
    I still have no idea what that's about, I thought PCI Express was for GPU cards, period
    If you use PCI Express cards, then that's why the bandwidth is used.

    I don't think the 1090T and 1055T are the same chip. I think with 1055T you can reach 4.0Ghz overclock, with 1090T you can reach 4.2Ghz overclock.

    Personally, I think if you have a nice overclocked 6 core processor, it will beat Intel.
    My Intel Core i7 875k overclocks to 4.13Ghz, pretty awesome.

    However, testing this CPU with Adobe Premiere CS5 and Acronis True Image Home 2010 (both of them really use multithreading really well), I see why 6 cores are better than 4

    I read that Windows will benefit from the 6 cores, so in general terms, since Windows 7 64-bit is multithreaded, you'll see benefits.

    Now, I had problems with Crysis with my 1055T, but when I disabled turbo, C1E, Cool N' Quiet, and overclocked that baby to 4.0Ghz, man, Crysis was on fire

    I don't know

    The Asus IV Crosshair Formula seems like a really nice board with PCI Express x16 slots
    USB 3.0
    Sata 6
    and with a nicely overclocked 1090T CPU @ 4.2Ghz, man, those 6 cores will really shine

    Now, with the SLI hack, I might be able to run that CPU with SLI, that would be insane

    I already installed the SLI hack on my machine, seems to work rock solid

    Now, as a conclusion, I like games, but man, I would rather chose 6 cores any time, since a benefit in Windows performance is 100x more important than a few FPS in games

    Do you guys think that the Asus Crosshair IV Formula with the 1090T overclocked to 4.2Ghz, with SLI will be the "killer rig"?
  5. I'm just throwing it out there, the "k" models of CPUs have only one advantage over the regular and cheaper versions - unlocked multipliers. Even then, it shouldn't make much of a difference. The 870 would overclock great and save some cash... but yeah the 875k is technically "better". What Bigeasyone said is true about the bandwidth usage from PCIe and SATA and all that. Some P55 chipsets (from Asus, the ones with -e like P7P55D-e) support USB/SATA 3.0 but those ones have less PCIe lanes which means if you run SLI/CF then you will lose that SATA 3 connection.

    If you experience a lot of read/writing, then probably AMD is the way to go. But the 875k will be a bit faster. Keep in mind that it's a quad core with hyperthreading which puts it at least equal to 6 physical cores.
  6. Yeah well, not really man

    in Adobe Premiere CS5 with all 6 cores I remember the videos encoding faster

    in Acronis True Image Home I remember the program starting faster

    I don't know, I will say maybe the 1090T might be around 5%-10% faster than the Intel Core i7 875k, on some apps, and maybe 5%-10% slower in some other things

    The rule is, if the application really multithreads well, then the X6 should be better.

    I like Intel though, since with 4 cores, and with Hyper Threading, man, those games run REALLY fast.

    You can compare the games before and after the Intel Core i7 series, man, a BIG difference

    So, I am still undecided

    I think tomorrow I will buy Asus Crosshair IV Formula and the 1090T, and I will have 2 computers at home.

    I just think both offers good alternatives, and I know the X6 processors are recommended for Adobe Premiere CS5

    I really like video editing, and video converting, so maybe I'll opt for the X6

    with so many MKV videos, man, some time I like to convert them to MP4, and with the size of these videos (1GB-5GB), man, I don't know, I think X6 is the way to go

    I hope X6 1090T works well with SLI with the SLI hack, if that works, man, it will be awesome
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