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Intel Q9650 Stock Speed Tjunction vs Tcase

So as the title may imply I am having a question or two regarding the differences between these 2 temperatures. I have a good cooling case (SilverStone Raven 01) and I have a good heatsink (Coolermaster TX-3) with the stock single fan on it. I also PROPERLY installed some AS-5 (making sure to get it in the grooves of the TX-3) and I was running P95 on my machine and notices that with my MB BIOS settings (I have a P5Q Deluxe, most recent BIOS) on Turbo Silent for the CPU and Case fans in RealTemp I see my temp go up to 62-63 C on the warmest cores (#0,#2) and about 57-58 C on the others (#1,#3). Using Everest I see my CPU temp (TCase) is only reading 51 C. I have RealTemp Tjunction set to 100C (since that is the correct TJunction for the 9650). Should I be concerned at all? I understand the Max Temp for this chip is 71.4 C (but should be kept under 65 C from what I gather.) but I am just a bit confused.

I am running this machine at stock settings. The only reason I have it in my Raven 01 case is because I snagged it as Clearance for $115. I also realize the AS-5 needs time to set properly and that the TX-3, while being better than stock, is not exactly the best cooler available. I do have a Zalman 9900A I could install but at stock speeds I don't think it would be of much benefit.

Can someone guide me on this? Should I be worried that my TJunction (Or "Core temps") is in the 60's? Or just not sweat it. Someone on another forum (or maybe it was here) had said that monitoring core temps is like watching the temperature of every cylinder in a motor. Not really needed. Just worry about the CPU temp and keep it under 65, and you should be ok.


PS: For the record, this CPU idles at 28C according the Everest. As for the independent core temps, I don't remember them off the top of my head. I think that max is 39C and the lowest is 29C, but from what I recall the core temps aren't very accurate if they are below 50 C anyhow.
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    Just to clarify things for you:

    The CPU Temp (Tcase) has NO sensor in the processor that can determine this temperature, it would require a sensor mounted in the IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) and there just isn't one.

    The "CORE" temps are the most accurate way of determining your processor temperature, and low 60's is fine for your processor.
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