Can't OC a Phenom 9600

I have an AMD Phenom 9600 Black Edition (2.3 ghz) and an Asus M3A78 mobo and have been trying to overclock the processor but I can't even get it to 2.4 Ghz without getting a bsod a few minutes after I boot up. A quick google search showed people getting 2.5-2.6 Ghz though. I realize this isn't a huge overclock but I would like to learn what I am doing wrong. My temps are fine (61-62C during Prime95) and it crashes whiling idling as well. I've tried changing the base clock and the multiplier. This is more a learning experience than anything else so I don't plan on buying new components to fix it (college student) but I would at least like to know if I've exhausted all my free possibilities. This is both my first overclocking experience and my first tech forum experience so thanks for your help.
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  1. It crashes while idling? What voltage are you using? And it crashes while stock?
  2. I'm running stock (1.2v) voltage. It doesn't crash at stock, but, for example, if I change the multiplier from the stock 11.5x to 12x and then leave the computer for an hour or so, I'll likely have a blue screen when I come back.
  3. 1.2v is a bit low for a PhI isn't it? I'm pretty sure you should be closer to 1.4, I'd try 1.35 and see if that helps. I'd also turn off any power saving/stand by things in the power scheme section of the control panel.

    Have you checked for any Phenom I overclocking guides?
  4. Load and cpuz and make a screen shot.

    press print key

    mspaint and press ctr +v and save

  5. Ok, I recently crashed with these clocks. Granted it was while running Prime95 but my CPU temp was 60-61C. I don't know why the voltage is 1.232v and not strictly 1.2v since it's not overvoltaged, but the problem isn't the psu. I've tried two different ones.

    I'm pretty sure you should be closer to 1.4, I'd try 1.35 and see if that helps.

    I tried overclocking to 1.35 w/ 2.4Ghz (200Mhz x 12) and I crashed. The highest I can seem to get stable is 203 base clock. I'm thinking motherboard issues?
  6. I believe that it is your board? What board is it that you have? If it is Biostar then I suggest that you replace it to save your self from the headache that it will bring. Make sure the new board is DDR2 for compatibility with your cpu.
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