GA-E7AUM-DS2H Motherboard Long beep

Hi, I hope I won't cause too much trouble to some of you who'll try to help. I've built my system from scratch.
Problem: When I press the power button from OFF state, my motherboard produces a standard short beep and a long beep after that. The system then loads windows and all is well. When I reboot my system I only get short beep (normal) POST check. I'm a bit confused.

My question is why do I get this long beep sound when I shouldn't?

I looked at the gigabyte manual and I found this: "Q: What do the beeps emitted during the POST mean?....A: 1 long, 1 short: Memory or motherboard error"....I am not sure what this means? Any ideas?

My only idea of where the problem may be coming from is that my PSU is 20-pin ATX while the board accepts 24-pin although they should be compatible (with no extra beeps).

My specs are:
GA-E7AUM-DS2H Motherboard
400W Antec PSU (20-pin)
Intel Core2 Quad Q6600
Vendetta2 Heatsink
4GB memory
1 300GB hdd
2 DVD burners
(no designated video card)

Here's something that I've noticed: When I power up, my CPU fan (Vendetta2) moves slightly then stops for the duration of the second (long) beep and then it starts accelerating to 800-900RPM. Could there be a power issue there? Could this be a bios problem? (I've upgraded to the latest version but no success)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
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  1. That power plug may be what the beeping is about - do you think you could, maybe, borrow a newer one from bomeone for a day, just to test? Otherwise, if the beep is the only trouble you've got - disconnect the ^%$# speaker 'till another problem crops up! The fan behavior is perfectly normal - they should move when power hits the board, and spin up as it POSTs...
  2. Does your PSU have an extra 4-pin power connects. I think the motherboards have 24 pin and the PSUs have 20+4 pins
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    Clarification: most every new PSU has what they call a 20+4 connector; the extra 4 pin 'keys in' to the twenty to accomodate the current crop of 24 pin MOBOs, while still allowing it to work with an older 20 pin board...
  4. Hi all, thanks so much for your suggestions. I've changed power supplies just to see if that was the problem but it wasn't. So I figured the problem is in the MOBO. I checked the BIOS options and what I found was 'CPU Fan Fail Warning = Enabled'. I disabled it and the problem was no more. I read in the manual that this is only in case your CPU fails (goes below a certain RPM) that the warning was issued. It seems that the MOBO was measuring the speed right before the CPU fan started accelerating hence it measured a very low RPM and issued a warning. There's nothing physically wrong with the system. It is normal that Vendetta2's 120mm fan would spin slower (and accelerate slower) than the original Intel 80mm fan given the same power.

    So anyways,
    Thanks so much for everyone that helped. It is awesome to have this forum where people can share problems and find solutions.
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