Thinking of OC'ing my Phenom II 550(all cores unlocked) non BE

First of all, here's my rig

Phenom II X2 550(quad unlocked and stable...YAY!!) non Black Edition
Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme
Gigabyte MA770-UD3 AM2+/AM3
4gb G.Skill DDR2 1066
EVGA GTX 260 Core 216 SC 55nm
Samsung SP F3 500gb HDD
PC P&C Silencer 750w
CM 690 II Basic

Anyways, I would like to attemp to oc my cpu and I have a few concerns that I would like to ask the community about. The first is my NB temps. On Hardware Monitor it shows my NB temp at 80c which seems "a bit" warm to me. It has been like that since I first installed the board a few months ago. I even took the NB heatsink off cleaned it and applied some OCZ freze to it and nothing changed. I have read across the net of other people having the same problem and the general concensus is that the NB thermal sensor is faulty. The heatsink is hot to the touch and I was wondering if I should be concerned about this in reguards to ocing my cpu since I have read that some people have had to up their NB voltage to get a stable overclock on this cpu. here's a screenie of things during a run of IBT on high:

The CPU temps seem very good...Idle 30c and 45c is the max while running a 7 thread IBT test at max. In fact it never got over 41c in the test I ran in the pic. My only real concern before I start the OC is the NB temp being so high. Thanks for looking
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    You said the NB is hot to touch but is it too hot to touch? If not then it must be a faulty sensor.
  2. I was not aware of the existence of non-BE 550s, though, admittedly, I am also not omniscient.
  3. There is I regret getting the Black edition as the non BE are C3
  4. the 555 is the c3 BE version of of the 550.
    I guess they created a 550 non-BE as a step up from the 545 non-be dual core.
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  6. i have the same mobo my friend. this isn't the temperature of nb, it's the temp of mosfets near the cpu socket. dont worry..thats normal
  7. That motherboard has overheating northbridge problems on most of the boards, I had it and returned it a few days later because my NB was getting to 84 degrees and literly burnt me when i touched it, its because of the crappy push pins. You cant even buy an aftermarket NB cooler because the pins are smaller then the standard pins.
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