How to best set up A SSD?

Ok heres the quick and dirty....just finished my build and wondered if any one could give me any advice on how to set up storage for my vertex 2 ssd and 1tb wd hdd? Windows 7 is installed on sdd but how do i make sure that everything else goes to the hdd?

Hardware configuration :
Haf X
I7 930 OC\'d 3.2
Noctua NHD-14
Asus Rampage 3 Extreme
6GB Corsair Dominator
120 GB Vertex 2
1TB WD BLack 6gbps
3 Asus 24in LCD\'s
2 ATI 5870\'s
1000wtt Kingston LGZ
Xonar DX sound card
Logitech 540 speakers
Windows 7 64bit

7.5 Windows Index
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  1. With 120GB of SSD, that's alot. I'd still install ALL your added programs to the SSD, for fastest access and loading.

    Upon install of added programs, you can choose where to install them.

    I'd move your "Libraries" to the HDD: My Documents, Downloads, Music, Pictures, and Videos. Just drag them fron the C;/Users folder to D;/.

    With an Intel based motherboard amd Windows 7, I'm sure TRIM is enabled.

    You can download "Garbage Collector" from OCZ, to clean up the SSD, when the need is felt.

    Great build, BTW!
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    OS + Applications on the SSD
    Media on the HDD (If available)

    "Garbage Collector" is not for Vertex 2 Sandforce Controllers
    It is a tool for Vertex Indilinix Controller drives.

    Vertex 2 only uses TRIM commands (outside of a RAID) and the best way to go about reformatting is to HDDErase the SSD first.


    My current setup for Boot Drive/Storage Drive

    This is the "advanced user guide" posted @ OCZ******Please-read-carefully!

    If you don't want to do this then I suggest using this shorter guide that gets the very important stuff
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