Poll: Do you like the EVGA Step Up Program?

Do you approve of the EVGA Step Up program?

I used to think it was a gimmick until I was approved to step up from a GTX 280 to a GTX 295 for $15! Yup $15 plus shipping and tax of course!

Now I love it! 30-40% more performance for $100!

So have at you, tell me your opinion!
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  1. what are you talkinga bout? yous said 15 + 15 shipping and tax? wats this 100$ thing? The price of the card compared to the 280 GTX or I don't get it?

    I would've went with the 285 GTX haha, but thats just me. I hate the fact that I'm dropping 1 strong GPU for 2 260s basically.

    But I hope you enjoy it:) I paid 0$ going from 2 280s to 2 285s. They paid for shipping and import taxes:) Gotta love BFG.
  2. $15 shipping, $20 or so to ship mine out, tax of about $60 on the new card...all in all about $100.

    Should have made that clear.
  3. what? Isn't the 295 like $600? Isn't the 280 like $400?

    Why would it only cost you $60 and not $200?
  4. I paid $510 for the 280 when I bought it, and the new 295 is priced at $510 on the evga website (when I did the step up) and the diff is the $15 shipping, + + + = $100.
  5. you would have to be stupid to buy a card every 6 or so months
  6. not if your an enthusiast:)
  7. The Good:
    Went from a 9800 GT which included Crysis
    to a 260 216 core 55nm which included FarCry2 and Vantage
    2 payments: (1.) $114+ (2.) $129+shipping $12 three months later = Total $255

    The Bad:
    Had to use an 4MB Trident Video Accelerator for 2 weeks.
    Made the mistake of doing it December 23. With the holidays, snow, and flooding was the longest 2 weeks of my life!!!
  8. XFX's Double Lifetime warranty IMO is superior, since the step up program only applies to the first month of purchase.

    Imagine the 2x lifetime warranty + step up...?
  9. step uplasts 3 months doesn't it? The first month all you need to do is register. And the price for the stepis reflected on how much you paid.
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