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Hard drive/mother board question

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August 5, 2010 1:44:12 AM

I have been having a lot of problems with CS5 Adobe After Effects and Premiere stalling and freezing. I have a pretty fast system (Win 7, 64-bit, dual quad core, 16 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 285 graphics card). My drives are all SATA drives. I thought there might be some sort of bottleneck with my hard drives and how they interface my motherboard (please forgive me if I mis-state some things - I am a designer/animator, not an awesome tech geek).

I went into BIOS and saw that not all my hard drives are even listed there (they ARE listed in my drive manager). Also, one of my drives was in the OFF position (all others were in the ON position), but was still functioning. I switched it to the ON position and when I re-booted, the system could not find that hard drive, so I went back in BIOS and switched it to the OFF position and now it can be found again.

This is my question: could this be indicative of a mother board problem?

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August 5, 2010 2:02:06 AM

Motherboard make/model?

You can get this from CPU-Z here.

It's free, and MANY THG Forum readers use it!
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August 5, 2010 6:35:12 PM

More info, please. How many SATA drives do you have? What is the size of each? WHERE in BIOS are you looking, and what does it say about the drives it does "see". You should have one or more settings for "SATA Port Mode" - how are these set? Where do you see "On" and "Off" settings for your SATA drives - exactly what does the line on the screen say?

When you say you see all your drives in drive manager, where are you looking? In My Computer? In Disk Management (and if there, in which part of the screen)? For each such drive, what does it show you about the size of that drive?