CPU Fan Too big to install RAM in Orange Slots

I'm putting together my newly built system right now. I just finished putting on the CPU and the cool Xigmatek heatsink/fan I bought. But lo and behold, the heatsink covers up the orange RAM slots! I understand that for an AMD processor, it's best to put RAM in the orange slots closest to the CPU if you only have two dual channel sticks.

So my question is this: Should I remove the heatsink and put the ram in the orange slots, then put the heatsink back on, or should I just put the ram in the blue slots? I'm worried about the silcone connection between my CPU and heatsink not being as good if I just take it off and then put it back on.

Thanks for your help!

The offending hardware here is a:

Biostar TA790GX A3+ Mobo
Xigmatek HDT-S1283 Heatsink
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  1. IF you are careful ,and it seems that you are/will be,then there should be no problem,too bad you already greased your HSF,'cause then you could've done a dry run,,[in a big hurry to play with your new toy,,EH [BT Done T]???:):)] Remember "Make haste sloooowly"..:)
    OH !! 'scuse me,, BTW you can install the memory in the next 2 slots,it makes no difference,so long as the system "sees" them as dual..Try it run some tests Everest works fine..:)
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