Ssd throughput > raid controller throughput?

I've been thinking about getting 3 of the 64gb c300 ssd drives from crucial. I have an m2n-e motherboard which has sata 2. If I run three of them in a raid 0 am I going to run into a bandwidth bottleneck with respect to the on board raid controller? Or am I good to go because each channel should be capable of approximately 250mb/s ?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Each channels bandwidth is 3.0Gbps, or approx 300MBps.

    My RAID 0 set up benchmarked at over 300MBps, up to 400MBps, more than a single channel, 'cause I have 2 drives.
  2. It depends on the motherboard and how many PCIE channels they alot for HD's. If you have 6 PCIE channels set aside for it then you can go over the max per channel in a raid 0 by using multiple channels and they add up. If you only have one PCIE channel then you are limited to that bandwidth.
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