How to find compatible video card replacement?

Hi. I'm trying to tell which video cards would be compatible replacements for my current one. I think it's failing but don't know what specs to look for.
I'm pretty sure it's AGP type. Here's all the info I have:
- system was built 5 yrs ago (generic clone), motherboard is MSI
- One tag on video card says: RV6D-B3-64M on top, and
bar code bottom: 4 710810 931536.
- Other tag on video card says S/N: F04020327... (can't see the rest)
- Device Mgr (XP) said Display Adapter is "Radeon 7000"
- Driver CD has printed on it "Powered by ATI Radeon" and "ATI_070703A"

Googling the tag# RV6D-B3-64M finds matches for "ATI RADEON 7000 64MB DDR ..."
Except, they show pictures of green cards, and my card is red (does that matter?).

Is this enough info to tell what specs I need to look for in a new card?
I only need minimum specs that match the current one, don't really need upgrade.

Thanks for any help you can give!
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  1. any agp card with 64m ram would likely equal the radeon 7000. The nvidia equivalent was the geforce2 mx. Anything nvidia fx5200 or higher would likely suffice. the nvidia big seller back then was the 6600gt and was comparable to the radeon 9800gt. look in this link for comparison chart of ati-nvidia comparisons. Newegg has plenty of agp cards but they start about $30 which is too much. Look on ebay, thousands to be had.
  2. A card with a bit better performance then your old ATI 7000 with close to the same power usage (26 watts) would be this GeForce 6200 for $41

    there are more powerful cards available for about the same price or a little more, but they also use more power. If you're thinking about a more powerful card we'd need to know what power supply you have.
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