Best video card for 350 watt power supply

What is the best video card for a 350 watt power supply +12v 15 amps.
Computer specs p4 3ghz 512mb ddr ram
Mobo supports pci-e.
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  1. anyone?
  2. do you have an AGP mptherboard or PCI-E
  3. hd 4670 ddr
  4. Umm... What motherboard do you have? I suggest upgrading the CPU and the GPU together if your going to upgrade. Your CPU will bottleneck a lot of cards out there.
  5. Intel D915GAV mobo I dont think i would be able to upgrade my cpu any further. I am just looking for a card that will run better than my current ati x550. I was thinking about getting an ati x800 XL , but i still dont know if my computer can run it.
  6. I wouldn't go overboard on a video card for that system since at some point you will be limited by the CPU (and severely by the RAM). You can get a BFG 8600GT for $50 from NewEgg or even better a Radeon 4670 for $80. But memory is pretty cheap now, so if you are investing in that computer, I would look at jumping up to 1 or 2GB.
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