Deciphering a Mini Dump file?

Hey guys,
I had started a post not so long ago because I was getting random crashes that would automatically reboot the computer and write no minidump.

See post here:

Today I got a blue screen. This is the first time I get one, and I'd like to know what went wrong, how to fix it, and it it's related to my previous many random crashed.

I logged the dump file in a .txt file.

Can anybody decipher it? If yes I will post it.

Thank you.
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  1. Hy!

    You can decipher the minidump file using for example the dumpchk.exe. You can download it form the internet, it is the part of the XP Resource kit

    I copied the dumpchk.exe to the c:\windows\minidump , and I run it from the command line like this: dumpchk.exe Minixxxxxx-xx.dmp (where xxxxxxx-xx is the date in short form and the number of the dumps during the day). I hope this helps :-)

    Good luck:
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