Arctic Silver 3 still OK?

Hey folks,

I'm planning a build to take place in the next 6 months or so (890fx chipset, PII 965ish, etc.). I still have a tube of Arctic Silver 3 left over from a build I made back in 2002. I've been using it any time I remove a heatsink, but now I see they're up to AS5 now. Has the stuff really changed enough that I should go get a tube of AS5 now? Or am I OK continuing to use the AS3?

At work, we use any old gunk we can get our hands on. But we're only cooling $1.00 MOSFETs, not $200+ CPU's.....

Thanks a lot.

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  1. Hi.

    Do u have a budget for the thermal compound?
  2. Not really, but I would think much more than $10-15 would be kinda silly. Particularly if it's not much better than a.) what comes with either the stock or AM heatsink or b.) the AS3 I already have.


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    OK, go with the AS3 if u have some problem with that change it for a better one like the TX-3 or MX-3 that are more expensive. Be sure that u have enough compound and that is good.
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