WD 2tera green drive is very slow


I have this drive 2 tera green WD wd20ears-00s8b1 and I found it very slow when working with files as you see from the picture (I use it as a secondary drive not primary and no OS installed)

my Pc config is biostar i55, i7 860 and 4 g RAM

should I replace the drive or there a solution for this ?
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  1. You didn't specify your OS. Anyhow, you may need to run the WD align utility for better performance.
  2. I use Win 7 64bit edition so no need for AF
  3. You don't need to align the drive when using Windows 7 as long as you created the partitions using Windows 7. If you created the partitions using XP and then attached the drive to a Windows 7 system, you'll get very poor performance because the partitions won't be aligned.

    It's not what OS you use the drive with that's the issue, it's what OS you partitioned the drive with.
  4. Greens are meant to be slow. but not that much.
  5. @Fetal yes this is why I am looking for a reason

    @ sminlal I formatted using paragon

    is that the reason ? suppose to be one of the best partition tools !
  6. I don't think paragon is new enough to understand the advanced format. I'd say this is the problem. I'd back up all the data on the drive and reformat it using Win 7. Just as a precaution, I think I'd delete the partition and recreate it before formatting.
  7. Backup, reformat, new partitions. then post results.
  8. I got 6 partitions - so if I moved two partitions data to another hdd and delete and reformat these two only using Win 7 then restore data back to the two partition and so on to the rest of the 6 - is it going to work ? or I must delete the complete hdd ?

    (this because I dont have enough space to move every thing)

    when I format , what is the cluster size I should select ? or win 7 does not give me that option ?

    thanks alot
  9. Forget everything.

    try getting someones hd that can hold your data. then reformat in win7. make partitions, then tell us. What you are doing is wrong.
  10. Quote:
    I got 6 partitions

    You didn't mention this the 1st time. Yes, all partitions will need reformated.
  11. @Hawkeye22 did not know it is important
    so I must delete all partitions not just two by two!

  12. welliam said:
    @Hawkeye22 did not know it is important
    so I must delete all partitions not just two by two!


    isn't what we say enough for you? what do you want btw?

    Just look at your top post and start coming down. You can see how much info you needed to give in advance and how much we have already told you. Still you are asking questions. if you cant get a separate hd, then stay happy with what you are getting. if you keep asking again and again to what to do, in time no one would reply.
  13. How full is your drive?
  14. @Fetal I am free to ask whatever questions I want, YOU if you did not want to help just ignore my post, you dont own the board it is simple as that


    about 1.2 tera the problem that I dont have another hdd and I cant get another
  15. Quote:
    Correct your English first.
    we are trying to help, not f things up.

    And what it is ?? a good spelling !!! speak to yourself first !!! and I am sure other members that want to help will understand what I mean.
  16. And that's about enough of that.
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