Overclocking intel i5 750

Im having trouble understanding of how to overclock this processor, though i am currently sitting at 3.6ghz but a lot of the forums say i should keep speed step enabled. But for me to get to 3.6ghz i have to disable it. does it still have the same effect? I currently have ddr3 1800mhz ram which complicates it a bit more. I am looking at reaching around 4ghz.
Any suggestions on what i should do?
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  1. ^+1 that's a good starting guide

    By speed step, do you mean Turbo Boost? For 1800mhz RAM you must have 180 base clock I'm guessing. You can use speed step (EIST) at that speed, however, if you want to use Turbo Boost you're probably out of luck. I found the absolute max I could get was 175 base clock while using turbo boost. After that, the amount of voltage it needs get's stupid. On the other hand, disabling turbo I can run an even 4ghz (200x19).
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