Im afraid to build a new System!!!!!!!

Im actually afraid to build a new System!!!!!!! I hate IT!!

"Am i going to have HDCP problems if i build a new system?"

Especially if i hook up to my HD TV?? (like i am currently)

From the resaerch iv done its like pulling teeth to get this crap to work

Similar to Blue Ray Drives. If you go on newegg and read all the bad reviews about compatibility and firm ware problems you will loose all motivation to get one. I mean I cant believe what the blue ray industry is doing to you poor law abiding suckers!! If I were a little ligitament peasent geek who payed top dollar for new Tech and had nothing but problems, I would be seriously pissed. Good thang im not :) I love netflix.

800 gigs of moovies and counting.

"Ya Ya I know, Im the whole reason HDCP exisits........ BullSheeet"

No but seriously I am looking for an answer.

Im hoping its just all a bad dream.
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  1. Go down to AVS Forums and peeps will tell you a cheapo 780G or GF8200 mATX is the best bang for buck solution for HTPC/blueray. If you go for a SFF/Shoebox with say 2-3 HDD bays maybe get a pair of 1-1.5TBs?
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