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I download audio books through my library, then burn some to cd's to play in the car or on my separate player. I use R-W disks so that I can rewrite over the disks (did I say that right?) This has worked great for the last year or more, but recently, when I played the cd's, some of them played okay for awhile, then would start skipping or getting stuck on the same three or four words, they sounded like the old vinyl records with a bad scratch. Other disks wouldn't even begin to play, spitting it out and saying it was a bad disk. Some disks played fine for that book.

I first assumed the disks wore out and tried new disks. No difference. I tried playing on different machines. No difference.

Is my burner dirty? If so how do I clean it safely?

I considered a new computer, but it's just not an option right now.
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  1. Try burning them as a slower speed. Even if the drive is going bad, which they can, you don't need to replace the whole PC, just get a new CD burner.
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